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in 2 decades.
Jim Lawless  Financial Navigator
Jim Lawless has been driven in his search for a retirement plan that will allow his clients to be independent of children, other family members, governments and 401k’s, IRA’s, 403b’s, etc., that fluctuate in a rollercoaster market. Jim refers to this as “Your Debt Free Retirement Bank.”

Jim’s background with fixed investments and lecturing in over 300 college courses in Economics, Finance, and Accounting provide an unusually powerful dynamic resulting in no loss of client principal for over three decades.

He served as president (chairman) of a very large credit union in Southern California where he averaged 75% growth each year for four years. Jim has also served as chairman of the Chamber of Commerce in a Mojave Desert city and currently volunteers as a SCORE counselor in offices throughout the Coachella Valley.

This ex-Marine also believes in giving back. He’s volunteered as treasurer of a non-profit that assists stroke and arthritis victims. Jim has provided discreet support and donations to no-kill animal shelters. He also says he has “obtained tremendous experience” as a “trash picker” by volunteering in the California Adopt-a-Highway program for five years to pick up trash on two 2-mile sections of highway.

Jim stays busy, is unaffected by success, and you will like him!

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